- 200 grs   red lentils, halved and peeled
-  ½   tsp    turmeric
-  2    tsp    salt 
-  7   dl       water
-   1   tsp    chilli powder
-   2            cloves
-   2   tsp    fresh ginger, finely grated
-   2   Tbs   corn oil
-   1    tsp   cumin seeds

-   a pinch  dry red chilli flakes
-   a red chilli, finely chopped
-   1    tsp   sugar
-   1    tsp   garam masala
-   4    Tbs  fresh lemon juice
-   1     tsp  coriander, finely chopped

Wash lentils until water is clear and soak
them for 20 min. Boil water, 
salt and turmeric. Drain lentils and spoon into water with chilli powder, 
cloves and ginger. Cover and let it cook 
med. heat around 25 min. until 
well blended.

In a separate pan heat oil, roast cumin seeds, dry chilli and pour into Daal 

Add lemon juice, sugar and finally coriander and garam masala.

To garnish use finely chopped red chilli.
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