(Curry Vegetable Pockets)



- 250 grs    flour
-   50 grs    butter
-     1         egg
-     ½ tsp   salt
-     ¼ cup  water, one spoon after the other
-                oil to fry


- 2 Tbsp oil
- 2            garlic cloves, thinly chopped
- 1            onion, thinly chopped
- 1 tsp       curry powder
- 250 grs    ground beef
- 200 grs    potatoes
- 175 grs    zucchini
- 175 grs    carrots
                all diced very small
-     1 tsp   salt
-     3 Tbsp coconut milk powder
-    ¼  cup  water

To make the dough:

Mix each ingredient one at a time 
until all mixed well and let it rest for
10 min. Roll out dough until verythin 
and cut into squares about 3 inches.


In wok or large frying pan pour in oil until hot, then garlic and onion and rest of ingredients until cooked.
Let it cool.
Now fill squares folding them diagonally with your fingers and securing edges with water.
You can fry them or bake in oven to 200° C brushing them first with egg yolk until golden brown.
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