-  ½   kilo   potatoes, peeled and sliced
- 3-4  Tbs   corn oil
-  ½   tsp    cumin seeds
-  ½   tsp    turmeric
-   2   tsp    coriander powder
-  ¼   tsp    ginger powder
-   1   tsp    cumin powder
-  ¼   tsp    chilli powder
-    1          green or red chilli, chopped
-    1  tsp    salt
-    1  dl      water (optional)
-  ½   tsp    garam masala
-    2  Tbs   pomegranate seeds or to taste
-                 fresh coriander, mint or
       parsley to garnish.

Heat oil in pan with cumin seeds until theybegin to sizzle, add potatoes, 
chilli, chilli powder and rest of spices except garam masala. Reduce heat, 
add salt, cover and let it cook until potatoes are tender, stirring occasionally.
You can add water if mixture gets dry. Add garam masala, pomegranate and
garnish with parsley.

 Tip: To save time, cook potatoes but when adding spices do not cover pan.

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