-              pastry
-  600 grs  spinach leaves, cooked and chopped
-     2       eggs
-    ¼ cup cream
-    ½ cup Emmentaler, grated and extra for topping
-             nutmeg, a pinch, grated
-    2 tsp  salt
-             pine nuts to garnish
-   ½ tsp  ground pepper

Cook spinach  in water only 1-2 min. Mix eggs, cream, cheese, salt, nutmeg, ground pepper, fold spinach in and then spoon mixture into a pricked pastry.


Top with some more grated cheese, 

sprinkle pine nuts and place in 180° C 
pre-heated oven for 30-40 min. until golden brown.

You can use our recipe for pastry or you can buy it.
You can spread some cheese on pastry before spooning mixture in to avoid soaking.

You can add bacon bits to the mixture.
If you want a thicker tart:

- 900 grs   leaves
-     3         eggs
-    ⅔ cup  cream

-    ⅔ cup  Emmentaler, grated
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