-  6 kg  fresh or (thawed) frozen turkey
-          mustard
-          ground pepper
-   3     garlic cloves, crushed
-   ½    bottle white wine.

Mix mustard, garlic, pepper and rub this mixture all over and in turkey.

Leave it like this in the fridge in a big roasting pan for 2 days before cooking

it and in the meantime inject white wine twice a day. Stuff it with the filling, with string tie the legs and tail and cover pan
with a loose tent of foil paper. 

Preheat oven to 160° C and roast turkey 
for 4 hours and then remove foil to brown, basting it with pan drippings.

To serve, decorate a platter with grapes and herbs, place turkey in middle and pour gravy all over.


-  ½  kg any meat, ground
-  1   onion, chopped
-  2   garlic cloves, chopped
½  cup peeled almonds, halved
-       salt and black ground pepper
-       oil
-   3  lage potatoes, cooked and diced
-  ½  cup water
-       a handful of white rice
-       a small jar of capers
-       a handful raisins
-       a bunch of chives, finely chopped
-   2  Tbsp Worcestershine Sauce

Heat the oil, mix and cook all the ingredients except almonds.

Roast almonds in small pan with a bit of oil, then mix it with the meat mixture and stuff the turkey.


Pour pan drippings into a small saucepan with:
-  1  Tbsp  flour
-  ½  cup   chicken broth
-  ½  tsp    salt
-       ground black pepper
-  3  Tbsp white wine (optional)
-  3  Tbsp whole cream           

Mix a bit of chicken broth and flour to avoid lumps, then add rest into a saucepan. 

Pour in pan drippings to make about one cup ltogether with the broth, 
add rest of ingredients, stir until gravy boils and thickens slightly.

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