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(for 6 people)

-   5 cups    broth/stock
-   1½ cups canned chopped tomatoes
-   2           carrots, chopped
-   1           zucchini, thinly sliced
-   1 small can Kidney beans (or natural)
-   a handful green beans, chopped
-   2 stalks  celery, chopped
-   3 tsp      olive oil
-   2 Tbsp    fresh basil, chopped

-   ½ cup    small pasta shape
-                salt and ground pepper
-                fresh Parmesan, grated
-                fresh parsley, to garnish

Put all fresh vegetables into a large saucepan with hot olive oil,
lower the heat and cook for 10 min. 

Then add broth, tomatoes, herbs and seasonings. Let it boil, 
cover and simmer for 20 min.

Add beans and pasta and simmer for a further 10 min. 

When served, sprinkle some Parmesan cheese , ground pepper and parsley.

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