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-    12        pre-cooked mussels
-  200  grs  pieces chicken
-  200  grs  prawns, unpeeled
-  200  grs  sausage, sliced
-  200  grs  squid, in pieces
-  200  grs  lobster tails, unpeeled
-  600  grs  special rice, (short grain)
-     ltr   chicken / fish stock

-  200/300  grs (carrots, onions, red
                    bell peppers), finely chopped
-                   saffron, better already roasted
-     ½  cup   peas
-                 olive oil to taste
-      1          tomato, peeled and crushed
-                  salt and ground pepper to taste
-                  lemon to garnish

In a “paellera” or wok, fry pieces of
chicken until golden brown, add seafood
and vegetables stirring continuously and
carefully blending in the rice. Pour in 
stock and let it cook for about 10-15 min, 
add peas and meanwhile season with
salt, pepper and saffron.

Decorate with pre-cooked lobster-tails.
mussels and lemon wedges. 

It is very important to know that a
unique and only one recipe for PAELLA
does not exist.

Variations can be unlimited.

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Terry Olier

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