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-     2  egg yolks
- 100   gr sugar
-         some lemon rind, grated
-  500  gr Mascarpone cream cheese
-     egg whites
-         a pinch salt
- 2 ½   cups strong coffee, cold
- 200-300 gr sweet fingers
-          chocolate powder to decorate

Whisk eggs yolks and sugar with electric mixer, add lemon rind 
and Mascarpone until you get a smooth mixture.

Beat egg whites and salt with electric mixer until stiff and then, with your hand and a spatula, mix everything slowly and carefully until you get a rich and creamy texture.

In cake pan distribute one layer sweet fingers, pouring one full tablespoon coffee over each of them, another layer of mixture evenly distributed. Repeat once more and finish sprinkling chocolate powder on top.

Place in refrigerator and eat a few hours or better the following day.

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