- 1 cup       chicken stock
-                butter
-  2            chicken breasts, skinned
-  ½           onion, finely chopped
-  1            tomato, finelly chopped
-  ¼           red pepper, finelly chopped
-                large garlic clove, crushed
-  1            avocado, diced
-  2 Tbsp    cooking butter
-                salt and ground pepper

Cook chicken in stock until tender. Then
shred it by its line in thin 
threads and cook it gently with onion , red pepper, garlic and tomato in an
oiled and buttered pan.

Season to taste 
(add colouring if you have any) and pour in some
stock to create a moist mixture.

To make the dough

- 3 cups     warm water, salted
- 2 ¼ cups corn flour 

Knead ingredients very well and leave it to rest for 5 min. Then form a Hamburger bun arepa, place it on a med-heat oiled pan until 

golden brown on both sides and cover for 5 min. low heat. 

Half-open the arepa in the middle, spread it with butter, stuff it with 
chicken and top it the avocado.

You can combine different ingredients such as:
- shredded Edam or latin white cheese and butter
- Tuna fish and mayonnaise.    

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